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We proudly present to you in the town Aschau am Inn, only 40 miles east of Munich, one of the largest permanent Exhibitions of english Antiques in Germany. A vast selection of antique english and french furniture from various pieces in museum quality of the 18.th and early 19.th Century up to high quality household furniture from the 1900´s varies the spectrum. Complete Interiors for offices, medical study´s, lawyers offices to the whole interior section. Even a never ending assortment of living Accessories.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

„I have a very simple taste: the very best is good enough“

(Oscar Wilde 1854-1900)

In this sense we made it to our mission to hunt for high quality antique furniture and objects all over the world to satisfy our pretentious clientele.

You are very much invited to a „circuit“ through our assortment.


Interior Decoration Advice

Marcus B. Pecher, passionated Artdealer and Interior Designer accompanies you with pleasure through a piece of interior history.
You are more then welcome to come with your plans and measurements and he will give you competent advice and help you to realize your projects.


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Visit Germany´s largest Exhibition of english and french Antiques.

Even the widest way is worth while!

Questions? Requests? Suggestions or ideas? Let us know!


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Business hours Monday to Friday 9 am – 5.30 pm

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